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Whatever your goals, let us teach you to tap your utmost potential, with motivation and inspiration inside and outside of the gym.


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Fitter, Faster,Stronger! Change that doesn't start from within, is only temporary. We can guide you on the right path.



Learn about our unique group training and how it can help you achieve total body fat reduction and toning. Our motivating atmosphere will keep you moving and focused on the path to your goals.


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Our fitness instructors are trained and certified to ensure results and unleash your potential.

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Together everyone achieves more

-Elizabeth Diaz
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Our Mission at Body Sculpting Gym is to inspire every member to lead a healthier and more rewarding life, empowering them to pass the lessons learned at Body Sculpting Fitness on to their own family and friends.

We are truly driven to help transform people’s lives by transforming their bodies…beginning from the inside and working out. The way we start any transformation is by building a Stronger spirit while working towards a Fitter heart; and, as a result of our unique approach, we strive to get our members to their desired health and fitness goals at a Faster pace.

Change that doesn’t start from within is only temporary.
Real People. Real Stories. True Transformations

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I went from 105lb frame to competitive bodybuilder in local and national level. I am a certified personal trainer, as well as Crossfit Level I and PTA Global certification and more than 15 years experience transforming hundreds of lives to be stronger, faster, stronger.

Eddie Ayala


Our Goal

Our goal is to bring life and color to your everyday nutrition for you and your family while getting you closer to your specific goals and never going back to your old ways again. Making your “BRAND NEW YOU" to last a life time. Cornell University graduate and Nutrition Certified sports nutrition culinary school and certified PLANT LAB ALUMNI

Elisa Reynoso

Owner/personal trainer/nutritional specialist/IFBB Bikini Professional world class Athlete


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